Nature’s Way, can be most accurately described as the “Mother Nature’s Method” or the “Mustang Method” of shoeing because it imitates the naturally worn hooves of the wild horses of the Western United States. Shoeing by Mother Nature’s numbers ensures that your horse will be able to perform to the best of its ability while remaining sound.

     Barefoot or shod, this method of common sense hoof care is combined with the latest scientific research to accurately determine the proper placement of breakover and heel support. This allows your horse to move more freely with less exertion by removing the excess toe, pulling the heels back underneath the bony column and reducing joint stress by reducing the shoulder and knee action necessary to lift the hoof off the ground and move it forward. This is similar to what the rolled toe on a running shoe does for a jogger. The hoof is trimmed not only for balance in the static state but also for the dynamic state to insure proper hoof/pastern alignment and heel first contact with the ground.
     Hoof and toe length, heel length, quarter, and point of breakover are all accurately measured to ensure proper hoof preparation before the actual shoeing begins. The shoe is then shaped for balance, with placement of the shoe providing proper heel support and breakover. This helps eliminate forging (that clicking sound you hear when the hind hoof strikes the front hoof) and tripping so your horse move as safely and as naturally as possible.
Precision hoof care for the performance horse.
Hoof care the way Nature intended
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